Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the myBayar Portal. Please click on the question to view the answer.

What is it MyBayar and MyForms?

MyBayar is the online payment service of the Government,meanwhile myForms is government online submission form.

Who can use the service of MyForms and MyBayar?

Malaysians and must be registered with myBayar Portal.

What are the benefits of MyBayar?

With MyBayar, users can pay variety of bills in one transaction, in addition to the amount of bills / statements online without waiting for the bill / physical statement of the relevant agencies.

How to view the records of payments made through MyBayar?

Users need to log in and review on the menu Review / Print payments record.

What method of payment used in MyBayar?

Users can use the direct debit method of Individual Accounts (B2C), Account Business (B2B) and Credit Card depending on the policy set by the agencies.

Are receipt print from myBayar Portal accepted as an official receipt?

Yes, receipt from myBayar Portal has received approval from the Ministry of Finance and the receipt can be used in any official matter.

How much the service charge to the consumer for transactions payment made via the FPX and credit cards?

Transactions charge are as below:
B2C = RM0.53,
B2B = RM1.06,
Credit Card = RM1.91%

These charges are only charged for services not related to the Government. Such as the payment of loans and payment of zakat. While for the collection of revenue to the Government such as utility bills and tax assessment, there are no charges to consumers.